22 January 2011

la la la

After many days of cold cold weather the Chinook winds have blown through and it is mild and sunny. We all have more energy and smiles!

Some small paintings:
Top row made a few months ago, used oil pastel which is lovely but a pain because it never dries and then has to be sprayed.
Bottom row finished last week, no oil pastel, trying for similar effect with brush.
10x10 each

More small paintings just begun, these made with acrylic.
No stitching the canvas, but texture underneath by "drawing" with modeling paste, then gessoing.
Also 10x10 each.

A whole shwack of small paintings!
Trying out new ways of working.
Some are on canvas, some on panel. Some stitched, some not. Some oil, some acrylic.

Newly made canvas: my traditional stitching but planning to paint a little differently.

Sewing seat in the friendly sun.

Also I have been doing some portraits, here is one.
approx. 14x15"


Frances Vettergreen said...

Love the middle one done with oil pastels. don't love the spraying, so much...have you tried oil sticks? Not exactly the same but they dry :).

Verna Vogel said...

thanks Frances
- yep, tried oil sticks, Shiva & Stevenson brands... didn't like 'em.
- maybe another brand would give the type of line quality as pastels?

Fay_Moose_Art said...

Love it love it love it :)
I should come by to see you :)