18 August 2011


getting this

to here

...so close, and yet so far!

I have never before tried to copy one of my own paintings. Copying is much more difficult than making originals.

A few years ago some friends of ours wanted me to make them a painting - I knew their home, they knew my painting style. I made three original paintings and they chose one and bought it. They would have bought two if space allowed. That was fairly easy.

Why? Why so difficult to copy a painting?
Everything Has A Life Of Its Own

That's the title of this painting, made in 2009.

Attempting to infuse the life of one thing into another does not work. It's about so much more than the surface isn't it. I had momentarily forgotten.

So the challenge is how to give this current commissioned piece a life of its own while still fulfilling the wishes of the client. I have some ideas...

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