24 February 2014


About three weeks ago I started two series of multiples (multiple = a single work made up of a number of pieces) using 10x10 canvases.  

The original idea had been to make one large painting, but when I considered the logistics of stitching it, I decided to go with multiple small canvases instead.  Of course I did not have enough 10x10 stretcher frames!  Waiting for the stretchers to come in provided a good thinking space while I worked on other things.

This weekend I got the stretchers - hooray! - and today I finished the first one:

verna vogel new work
Spin, Drift, Pool, Settle
mixed media on stitched canvas
10x10 inches each piece
To see a bit about its development, you could have a look at this previous blog post.

And here is the beginning of the second "multiple" - 14 pieces which will also go on 10x10 stretchers:

While waiting for the 10x10 stretchers to arrive, I stitched yet another "multiple" piece.  Each piece measures 16x78 inches, or 90x78 inches entire.  I'm quite excited about it:

verna vogel new work

This one will need to sit in my peripherals for a bit before I stretch it... meanwhile I can work on the 10x10 multiples.

As for the "Snapshot" series: I have just got some more canvas prints, and am now waiting for the plywood I ordered to be ready so I can build stretcher frames for the continuation of that series, since they tend to be larger works.

I really enjoy having several things on the go at once, it seems to be a fairly efficient way of working for me.

Happy days!


Anne McClelland said...

They look fantastic!

Jill and Haida said...

Good vibrations...

P.D. Crumbaker said...

What a wonderful, creative, energetic 2014 you are having. These multiples are fantastic.

Verna Vogel said...

Thank you both!