19 January 2015


A few weeks ago I was in Arizona, and in the desert I found circles!  Old rusted-out buckets, parts of wagon wheels, and other vestiges of a bygone era.

steel sky woman

verna vogel

Apparently a circle is the most perfect geometric shape, since every point along its edge is an equal distance from its centre.  A circle also has the greatest area of any two-dimensional shape in proportion to its perimeter.  Here's some more interesting information about circles.

My "Ellipse" works are intuitively an attempt to find balance and calm.  Lately the world around me seems very convoluted and overwhelming, and perhaps my job as an artist is to help maintain balance, to remind myself (and possibly others) of how to be calm and centred, to take time, to be thoughtful in the great mad rush of the world.

I'm not always calm and thoughtful.  However, I believe that when we are engaged in making art we can transcend our human frailties; and I believe that the art of making art lies in a willingness to be, simply, a conduit for something that already exists, something bigger than ourselves.  Because nothing comes from nothing, right?  

For myself, I wish to be a conduit for the calm and peaceful rationality that I know is already out there, even though it often seems obscured or distant.

verna vogel
(small) Ellipse #1 and #2
mixed media on canvas
20x30" each, approx.


Anonymous said...

Elipse 1 is my favorire.

Verna Vogel said...

Thanks MM :)