13 April 2015

two sketches and a shadow





Barbara Muir said...

Love the sketches and the shadow. Mysterious with no description. Here I am wondering whose face that is, and if that's a rose bush?

In Toronto spring is getting the rush from summer, and people are still winter numb and somewhat stunned by all of the activity fair weather demands. ;-)

Great work. XOXOXOXOXO Barbara

Verna Vogel said...

Thank you Barbara. Sometimes I don't have much time to write and then it's just pictures. :) That is the face of my best friend, and yes indeed, a rosebush.

Yes, you guys have had some pretty dramatic weather hey. Glad it's warming up out there. Every year I feel stunned by the onrush of the garden! So I don't know what I'd do if it came on any faster... *laughs*

Hope you're having a wonderful week!