22 September 2015

serious fun

I've been humming along in the studio for the last few weeks, juggling several projects and enjoying the rhythm of working between them.

Some of the little oil paintings are starting to be finished!  I've been really enjoying working with oils again; the colours are so pure and luminous and fun to play with.  I began this series in mid-July, and it's rewarding to see the slow layers of colour coalesce into their individual harmonies.

Below, the one on the left measures 20x20 inches and the one on the right, 16x17 inches.

steel sky woman

And this one measures just 8.5x13 inches:

sound verna vogel

Four new canvases stitched, intended for more oil painting:

I recently discovered that my camera has got a setting which desaturates all but the reds.  Designer effect meets studio:  

verna vogel studio

verna vogel studio

I've finished 13 of 24 pieces in the 12x12 series, which I've decided to call "Meninx".  I'm very happy with the way the edge colours turned out, and looking forward to getting the remaining stretchers.  Here are some of the completed ones, under the warm spot lights:

steel sky woman

And a few more collages in the 9x12 sketchbook:

the book of cities

the book of cities

the book of cities

the book of cities

the book of cities

At the end of this week I'll be doing two collage workshops with grade 6 classes, based on ideas of the urban environment.  These are mostly rural kids.  I also grew up on a farm, and I'm looking forward to some interesting discussions about their urban experiences and views on city life.

Until next time,



Barbara Muir said...

How magnificent! I love your work! I also love the cool photograph. I'd love to work in oil, but worry about the small unventilated space.


Verna Vogel said...

Thank you Barbara!

I love your work too, you have certainly mastered acrylic painting!

I worry a bit about working with oils too. Luckily there are 3 medium-sized windows in my basement studio, well placed for good cross ventilation, and it's been just mild enough here to keep them open. I'm looking into installing an exhaust fan as the weather cools because I'd like to keep going with the small oils through winter.

And, I'm feeling super-excited about working with the students tomorrow!!