06 November 2020

Giving and receiving


#vernavogel @steelskywoman

#vernavogel @steelskywoman

Sending "cheer mail" to isolated elders, through Calgary Seniors.  Here, birthday cards and non-medical masks.

These cards are a sort of cut-out mobile birds that slot together in a simple way which hopfully elder hands can manage without too much difficulty.  Because why not hang a tropical bird mobile in your home at the onset of the Canadian winter?  I hope the sparks of colour and movement will bring joy.


#vernavogel @steelskywoman @bluerockgallery#vernavogel @steelskywoman @bluerockgallery

- Currently -
new paintings intermingled with other artists' work at Bluerock Gallery.

- Earlier this year -
large paintings showcased in the gallery's front window.  

#vernavogel @steelskywoman @bluerockgallery

#vernavogel @steelskywoman @bluerockgallery

It was the first time I put large work into this gallery, and this led to my first sale of a large abstract painting!  You can see more images in this instagram post.

I receive a lot of love from the wonderful people who run Bluerock, and feel ever so grateful for the community which has embraced me here.

with Dirk van Dyk's "Flutterbies"

Thank you for your continued interest, dear Reader.

I hope you are managing, during this odd and changeable time, with some giving and receiving in your life and work also.


Painter Lady said...

Beautiful post, Verna!! Your work offers the viewer stability. Incredible!

theo said...

Great stuff, Verna!!

Barbara Muir said...

Hi Verna,

Sorry I am so behind. Love your work, and this is a fabulous post. What a great idea the birds are, and how wonderful that you are in shows.


Verna Vogel said...

Painter Lady:
Thank you, I am so glad my post offers stability. It's a thing to aim for whenever possible, especially nowadays.

Thank you!! Love your work also :)

Oh, no apology needed my friend. I'm glad you enjoy this post, as I enjoy your bog very much also. I've been working on my grateful index, a focus which sure helps in these times.