11 October 2023

Seed Stars

 A couple of months ago I posted this work in progress.
It's finished now, and currently available at Grant Berg Gallery

verna vogel abstract painting

Seed Stars, oil on two canvases, 20x22" each

I decided to put the the two together in one frame.
First time I ever tried that, and I like it.

Today the weather has turned cool, the yellow leaves of the trees are glowing against a backdrop of grey skies, and the very air smells exciting!  
I do love autumn.

I hope you too enjoy this day, wherever you are, dear Reader.


Barbara Muir said...

Today was unseasonably warm. There were 9 blue Morning Glory
blooms on the fence, and it was almost too hot to sit on the porch and drink our coffee looking at the garden on Steven's lunch break. So yes it was a wonderful day. This is amazing. So beautiful, and they look superb together,


Verna Vogel said...

Thank you Barbara :)
Your unseasonably warm day does sound wonderful!!