23 January 2019

and so a new year begins

verna vogel studio new work paintings mid-century aesthetic

It's been a long time, hasn't it.  Well, apart from the previous post which I put together in November, but only just posted a few minutes ago.  

Our sole computer kaputzed in mid-December.  Rather than hastily buy a new one we decided to get the old one fixed, and then we had to wait for a part, because it's hard to source parts for older computers.  Our wonderful tech person eventually found the necessary part and was able to fix our computer for a fraction of the cost of a new machine.  How lucky is that?  Very grateful we are.

Overall we were without a computer for about 3 weeks.  No screen, relying on our creative minds to keep occupied sans the go-to of the interwebs... it was bliss!!  But really only because it was during xmas, with the pace of life (and work) slowed down.  Now we are very happy to have everything back up and running, and I am finally making another blog post.  (However also thinking that taking a week offline here and there might be a good practice to develop.)

So...  a few studio shots, shall we?

Culling old work.  New work begins.

culling older work.  New work begins.

First thing this year I pulled everything off my painting rack, all those half-finished paintings, some of which have languished there many moons.  Time to put the poor old things out of their misery, yes?  And I did.

destroying old paintings.  Signature on the back.

Because I am that kind of nostalgic, I photographed the backs of some before destroying them.  Believe me, this drawing on the back is far more interesting than what was happening on the front.

verna vogel studio new work paintings mid-century aesthetic

New canvases on the old stretcher frames: grounds built, drawings begun.
That was January 2nd.

verna vogel studio new work paintings mid-century aesthetic

This week, a few finished, perhaps...

verna vogel studio new work paintings mid-century aesthetic

finished for now. :)

Future Exhibition:

In March/April 2019, my friend Frances Vettergreen and I will show our work together at the Leighton Art Centre.  I'll be making another string drawing installation, with a few further elements to be developed.  More excitement!

Tension : No Tension  Verna Vogel at Artpoint Gallery and Studios Society, exhibition 2017/2018
Tension : No Tension at Artpoint Upstairs Gallery, 2018
I have proposed a 5-hour workshop day in conjunction with the exhibition.  It is to be an exploration of sensory perceptions together with some fun art-making processes.  I've never done a full-day workshop before and am very eager to try it, hoping enough people sign up that it can run.

Leighton Art Centre Verna Vogel workshop just turn your head a little

I will be making a newsletter about this exhibition/workshop and other things, in the next few weeks.  Stay tuned!

And thank you, as always, for reading my blog.  :)


Barbara Muir said...

Super blog. Wishing you a wonderful year. I think it already is, despite the fact of having something I refuse to call flu. The mind is a magnificent place, and your work reflects that truth.


Verna Vogel said...

Thank you Barbara!

Yes, the mind is indeed a magnificent place, really quite a playground :)

I'm sorry you have a not-flu. Mind over matter! Love that you continue to make your beautiful art, whatever life brings you. Your positivity is such an inspiration.


pdcrumbaker said...

Welcome back! I was wondering if you had been lost in a snow drift. I love the energy of these pieces, and I wish I could drop into the gallery for the upcoming exhibition. Wishes. Still, 2019 feels like a time of positive energy for some reason, while 2018 seemed a bit draining for many people I know. So - here's to a year filled with the right kind of adventure!

pdcrumbaker said...
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Verna Vogel said...

Hello PD,

Your comment did eventually find its way through! I don't know what happens sometimes.

You are right: getting lost in a snow drift could happen here! *laughs*

Thanks for your compliments on my work. I like the energy of them, too. Feels like something is coalescing in my work lately. It would be so lovely to have coffee & chat with you in person. Yup, 2019 does have a positive feeling, very different from 2018, it's a nice change of mood.

Yes to adventures!