23 January 2019

The balance of November:

November 2018 I was engaged with quite a lot of teaching.
Here are a few of the projects...

verna vogel art class

3D Abstract Art
Grade 5

In a nutshell, one way to create abstract artwork: 
Begin with a simple shape, then respond to that shape, trying various angles and approaches to add (or remove!) the next bit.  Repeat, until you have something you like.  Your body's innate sense of balance will help you to know when it's right.

For this project, we made a unifying factor: each student's work had to have some sort of face somewhere on it.

verna vogel art class
Day 1: use cardboard to build forms

verna vogel art class
Day 2: apply papier-mache

verna vogel art class
Day 3: paint

verna vogel art class exhibition
Day 4: create exhibition

verna vogel art class
Hanging and lighting the pieces transformed them!

verna vogel art class
Our art gallery space was about 18x18 feet, contained on two sides with heavy black stage curtains, and a shadow screen at the front.

verna vogel art class
The white back wall was left exposed, to reflect the coloured lighting we used.

The class came up with a fun title for their exhibition

verna vogel art class

and they wrote about their work

verna vogel art class

it seems some students really got the "think through your hands" idea  :)

Collage + Drawing
Grade 2

verna vogel art class

I taught this several times with various parameters

verna vogel art class

here, to create mostly-2D images

with a focus on prairie imagery

 Crankie Project
Grade 4

Here, collage + drawing to create a scrolling image for a crankie box.  Before taking on this project I did not know what a crankie was.  But then I learned, and built two crankies out of two old dresser drawers, a few pieces of dowelling and a bit of simple hardware.

Here is the larger crankie box in action, with the not-quite-finished image scroll.

A few kinks to work out, as you can see from that awkward bit in the middle.  Turned out the collage was very thick and bulky in that spot, but I was able to pare it back some, and in the end the crankie functioned quite smoothly.

The full image scroll was 15" x 12 yards.

The Bottle Project
Grade 4

...of which I have no images except this one:
2L pop bottles being washed in my tub the day before the class.

verna vogel art class

This was an interesting project, to create art with detritus that goes well beyond the "pile of garbage as installation artwork" one still sometimes sees in galleries.  
I encouraged the students to really explore the aesthetic possibilities of cutting the bottles, drawing on them and inside them, filling them with various things, gluing them together, creating hanging chains of bottles, etc.

Another aim of this project was to address the reality of street bottle pickers who use this same detritus to earn income, to acknowledge that they are human beings who perform a vital function in their work.

The students' work was eventually installed outdoors as a temporary public art piece.

I also taught several Grade 3 printmaking and mask-making classes in November.  It's a pity I did not take photos, because I got the students to push these projects beyond what I usually do with them, and of course they surpassed their own (and my) expectations in doing so.  Sometimes I get so involved in the class that I forget about taking pictures!  C'est la vie, next time I will remember.  :)

I've been enjoying being back to work in my studio this month, and will write more about it in my next post here.

Thank you as always for reading!

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