03 October 2019

white world, black book

Last weekend we got a big dump of snow: 24cm at our house, and more in some other places.  "Oh, too soon!" everyone said.

verna vogel sketchbook, abstract drawing, oil sticks on black paper

*laughs*  Me, I love snow, and we went for a long walk by the river, where poplar leaves shone in brilliant golds and rich ochres in an otherwise muted landscape.  The river was steaming in the cold air, and distant hills appeared to be floating in the mist.  Such beauty, and how lucky am I to have been out walking in it, and with my favourite person too!

verna vogel sketchbook, #sketchbookverna , black paper, abstract drawing

Due to the weather, my shift at the store was very slow, so I perused the sketchbook shelves and noticed a new book of black paper.  Well, comparatively dark grey really.

verna vogel sketchbook, abstract drawings, black paper

150g weight, for "Colour Pencil, Gel Pens, Metallic Markers"

verna vogel sketchbook, abstract drawings, black paper

My friends, be not limited by the printed word!

Often, words are only suggestions.  In the drawings above, I used oil sticks, gel pens, China markers, pencil crayons, children's wax crayons, oil paint markers and acrylic paint.  See?

A book of black paper, begun in the midst of a snowstorm.  I like that.


Michelle Wiebe said...

Beautiful. Both pictures and blog post.

Verna Vogel said...

Thank you Michelle !

Barbara Muir said...

I like your resilient nature, and I like that you go positive,
when others go negative. I remember our absolutely beautiful,
slow, rainy, soft green spring here. Every time I looked outside
or went for a walk I was entranced. But someone would say on
every sunny day,"Finally!" I am a fan of snow, but not ready
to relinquish my garden. It is perfect, but tonight zero so I may
wake up to mush. In that case, let it snow.

Love the drawings on black. Another reversal. Awesome.


Verna Vogel said...

Thank you Barbara!! The older I get, the more I appreciate resilience :) And I truly do love snow. And I love your work too, and your own resilient nature in the madcap of life.


pdcrumbaker said...

Love everything about this post! Words and images.

Verna Vogel said...

Thank you PD! :)