05 May 2023

Colour Studies 2023.29, 30, 31

Hello again!

Time for another blog post.

Verna Vogel oil colour studies - here are my brushes with the colours on them

Yesterday I made a few colour studies with a very limited palette:

Prussian Blue
Ultramarine Red
Cadmium Orange
plus Titanium White, as always

The "red" is more like a greyish violet and has a very low tinting strength, in keeping the the nature of Ultramarine pigments.

This was not an easy palette to work with, but in the end I loved it.

Below are a few progression photos:

Verna Vogel oil colour study
I begin with orange, blue and white

Verna Vogel oil colour study
More blue and a bit of the red

Verna Vogel oil colour study
All the colours in concert
back and forth and back and forth until...

Verna Vogel oil colour study
photographed this morning in the daybright studio.

In case you are curious to know more about pigments, here is a very good database:
It is actually simpler than it appears at first glance, and is a great resource if you're into this sort of knowledge.

Verna Vogel brushes in my studio

I've had a lousy head cold with very low energy for about a week.
Yesterday I slept part of the day, but in the evening was feeling well enough to get into the studio, and wound up working into the wee hours.  Now making this blog post and looking forward to being back to 100% soon, so I can finally resume work on some larger things for one of my galleries.

Thank you as always for reading, and I hope you have a lovely day - free of lousy head colds!  haha


Barbara Muir said...

You always dazzle me. Sorry about the head cold.
What beautiful work. Take it easy and stay healthy.


Verna Vogel said...

Hi Barbara,
Thank you so much for your support!

I have grown remiss about replying to comments, the endless stream is sometimes tiring I think, for me. So this reply is many months later.

I do very much appreciate your support, and I love your work too, and I hope you and your family are keeping well!!