28 May 2015

Alberta Landscape #89

alberta landscape painting

Last weekend we went out again plein air painting at the Sheep River just a little way out of Calgary.  It was a perfect day for painting outdoors.

When we arrived at the river, we noticed a really beautiful trout/tag painting done under the bridge, a very sophisticated work of art:

alberta landscape painting

Here's the painting I made, downstream from the beautiful fish tag:

alberta landscape painting
Alberta Landscape #89
oil on wood panel
10x10 inches

Reflections and shadows on water are so beautiful: semi-transparent, shape-shifting, always in motion.  Like this whole world, hey.

alberta landscape painting

alberta landscape painting


Barbara Muir said...

Love the painting and description. The trout/tag painting looks like the work of Veronica Funk. A lot like her work.

Yes the reflection on water is wonderful. Love how you took something simple and made it majestic -- or truly present.


verna said...

Thank you Barbara! I loved the triangular shape of the rock + reflection, and am quite pleased with how I managed to paint the water, always a difficult thing.

Yes, the graffiti does look like Veronica Funk's work! Very colourful and nice energy.