18 May 2015

Miner, Healer, Instrumentalist - part II

Last week the groundbreaking ceremony for cSPACE arts hub at King Edward School took place.  Here's an article about it in the Calgary Herald.

I went to the ceremony and really enjoyed Mayor Nenshi's address, in which he spoke about the arts being not merely a frill, but an essential part of any community's financial climate.  How wonderful that our mayor has a big picture in his mind!
verna vogel hard hats
a very happy and excited crew
Reid Henry and Dale Ens described some of the history of bringing this project to fruition, which was very interesting.  A lot of people have worked together to make the idea of an arts hub at the old King Edward school a reality.

And the hats made by the other artists were fantastic!  One had a bird's nest on it; another, a carpenter's square embedded in the top.  Reid Henry was wearing a hat with the most amazing wings made from old venetian blinds, and I saw a hat covered in the tied ends of balloons, which I couldn't resist touching.  Every hat I saw was both fun and beautiful.

I also shamelessly took photos with the people who wore the hats I made:

verna vogel hard hats
Cheryl Gottselig, cSPACE board chair
wearing the Instrumentalist's hat

verna vogel hard hats
Deeter Schurig, cSPACE project manager
wearing the Miner's hat

verna vogel hard hats
Carloyn Boston, Construction Manager for cSPACE
wearing the Healer's hat
very appropriate, since she is also a shaman!

In working on these hats and talking about them, I discovered this was not the first project of its kind.  Here's a helmet that artist Lynn Kelly altered:

Verna Vogel

She describes it:
"It has a motor and the dove and sphere both rotate.  
Then there's a maple leaf on the top and the white satin garter.  
I liked inverting the hat liner to make it look like a parachute.  
It was for auction with the proceeds to support the families of Canadian soldiers."

Very cool.

Since the cSPACE ceremony, I've been doing a fair bit of gardening, and getting back into my studio work.  The break was great, and now I'm happily making a few more "Ellipse" pieces.  More about that later.


Barbara Muir said...

What great thing to be part of, and your mayor is wonderful. You look lovely, and your hats are spectacular! Woo Hoo! Good for you!


Verna Vogel said...

Thank you Barbara :)