07 May 2015

the Miner, the Healer and the Instrumentalist

Between other things over the last couple of weeks, I painted/altered some hard hats for cSPACE Project groundbreaking ceremony coming up on May 13th at the King Edward school.  All three hats are finished now, and will leave my studio in a few days.

cSPACE verna vogel

I'm very glad I took on this project.  It's out of my usual practice to work on 3D objects, and it was so much fun to explore, experiment and discover what I could do with them.  They all came out quite different from one another, but still aesthetically related.  

Steel Sky Woman at cSPACE

I am pleased also with the quality of photos I managed to take.  The process for photographing 3D things is a bit different from my usual 2D paintings: different lighting requirements and a kind of staging, as the background is not completely cropped out of the final image.  

You don't need a fancy set-up to get good photos:

verna vogel hard hats

At one end of my studio I set the stage.  A piece of canvas pinned to the wall and draped over my working table creates a seamless backdrop.  Two hardware-store clamp lamps with 150W halogen flood bulbs, positioned on either side at roughly 45 degree angles, creates decent lighting.  A tripod and camera, et Voila!

If you'd like to see more photos and read a bit more about these hard hats, you could visit my website here.


Barbara Muir said...

Love the final results. Interesting how you prepped to take their photos.
I use a counter in my kitchen, put white paper underneath and a white foamcore behind. Your set up is much more elaborate and impressive.
Love your work.


Verna Vogel said...

Hey, thank Barbara!

Your set-up sounds pretty good to me - you probably have much better natural lighting in your kitchen than I do in my basement studio :) And perhaps you or your galleries have your finished works professionally photographed?

Those clamp lamps are always up in my studio, though not always turned on. I like to paint under the very cool daylight-adjusted florescent lighting in my studio, and then to see the work under the warm spots gives me a sense of how they will look in a gallery. I find it very useful to have a couple of lighting options in the studio.

Sounds like you are having a fine time in your travels, I'm enjoying reading your blog too!