03 May 2014

a few things

Last two weeks there've been a few things happening in the studio.

steel sky woman

I've built a lot of very small canvas stretchers, and a few larger ones too.

verna vogel

Started a new series of square Multiples, then realized I misjudged the amount of canvas needed around the edges and so now I am brewing alternate possibilities in the back of my mind while working on other things...

verna vogel

... other things, like this large purple-and-blue painting.  It's a diptych and it's near to being finished.  Pinned to the wall next to it are 5 long pieces which I began in February.

verna vogel

The painting of the 5 long pieces started well, and now begins the push-and-pull process of bringing them to fruition.  They will go onto their stretchers after they have been painted.

verna vogel

It's starting to become quite cluttered in here!  Soon, I think, there will be a cleaning.

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