21 May 2014

inside and out

Morning: continuing with a new series underway:

verna vogel

These small pieces are not quick in coming; for some reason it seems I have to wait and think between each one, even though they are all related.  Hmmm.  Could I be losing my momentum?  Or could it be, as my dear friend suggests, merely that the work is more complex than it appears, and so requires this extra gestation time?  It's true my head has been very busy lately with thoughts of how things go.

Afternoon: plein-air painting along the river near my home.

steel sky woman

verna vogel

Haven't painted outdoors in some weeks, so this excursion was particularly therapeutic.  A lovely purple-grey storm brewing overhead - inspiring skies!  Small spatters of rain just beginning as I finished up.  Perfect timing.  :)


Russell Mang said...

I think your very perceptive friend is right...

Verna Vogel said...

Thank you Russell... we'll see! :)