08 May 2014


It's keeping the soul afloat, that's what it is.

verna vogel

verna vogel

I'm really liking these surfaces, like stone or copper, a kind of weathered look.


P.D. Crumbaker said...

These make an impact. I love them.

Verna Vogel said...

Thank you! In this post they are shown lying on my splattered studio table... by now they have been stitched onto pieces of canvas which will then be stretched and maybe a bit more painting.

I recently saw the exhibit "Concentrations" of work by Peter von Teisenhausen:

In the exhibit was a piece comprised of many small drawings/paintings on paper (2x3" or so) bundled together, maybe 20 bundles of these small works tied with brown string.

And I had the thought that perhaps some of my stitched bits of canvas might be displayed in some similar way, because they are really nice just as they are, before they go on stretchers to become 2D wall art, so to speak...