28 May 2014

big sky

Yesterday I painted under the big sky all day, from 8am to about 7pm.
Woke up with my head full of plans for the day - I had intended only to do some prep work outdoors and then work indoors while the prep layers dried.  Instead, the prep work - and the lovely weather - carried me away and I made several large abstract paintings!

Drying between layers:

verna vogel

Photographed this morning in my studio:

verna vogel

Some were old paintings worked over and some were begun from scratch yesterday.  I really like 2 of them, another 2 are maybe-finished, and 2 definitely need more work.

Wow, that was a terrifically productive day!

It's interesting how the energy of these paintings is quite different from the careful-thoughtful-stitch energy... but the results do have something in common, I think.

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